Cold hands come through the middle to wake me up
But I’m not asleep at all
You’re under my nose, and out of your clothes
But you’re not so exposed
And I’m not selling something that you don’t own
I’m nobody’s fool, I play by the rules
So don’t you play it cool

Take back the time that you take it away
Take back the time that you said:
“How’d you get so easy to please?”
You count back from ten and tend to your needs
So take me on, girl, it’s easy to see
That I’ve got yours for free

Cold hands cut through the middle
I’m waking up
I’m worried but I won’t say “no, no, no
I know what you do”
And what if it’s true?

What if I missed my own dissent (sentimental)
And I botched my best attacks (accidental)
And I have to take it slow, slow….

When did I become such a sleaze?
You get back to town, and down on your knees
You keep getting colder, you give me the freeze
I want you to see
That after all, I’m someone to believe

Take back the time that you take it away
Get back and give back your best time


from The Throat Is Bent EP, released February 17, 2009




Get Him Eat Him Providence, Rhode Island

Five young men with passable small motor skills making big, confusing music. 2004-2009.

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