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Arms Down

by Get Him Eat Him

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2x2 02:16
It's a familiar sound We're under attack We want to stand our ground They're beating us back But don't take that tack We'll take them on Lay out your best offense You want to tear the whole damned armory down And get back the bastards who kept you silent and set you up We're gonna take them down They'll never come back We're gonna take this town And launch an attack So fight back! It's too late to call a truce You can't turn around after you're turned loose And we're making tracks that go two by two What more can we do? We can turn it around You can't give up now You want to figure it out And shake off your shackles Sing it now: "I won't go quiet" I won't go home So don't you turn around We're leaving intact We're gonna face this down And never look back So don't take that tack We'll take them on Come along; we were right, they were wrong We are brave, we are strong, and we're taking them on We have a say There's a will, there's a way If we fight, if we stay, we can still win the day
Diminutive 02:52
Lover, you're out of luck You can't keep getting stuck Suffer to stay, suffer to go Suffer you're so downhearted, oh! You don't go out on the weekends You don't go out on your own You don't know how to forget this or let it go Wasting away as a way to atone And you're staking a claim and making a home And you're waking up late and you're taking it slow But you won't Sometimes is not enough You get it just to give it up Nothing to say, nowhere to go Nothing but ìoh, I'm sorryî -- No! You don't go out on the weekdays You don't go out of your home You don't go out of your window or out in the cold So come on, we'll pay the witnesses off Come on, we're cut from a difficult cloth Come on, we're skirting disaster, we're faster-- We're past where we thought Wasting your days and you're staying alone And you're taking your aim, but you're faking the throw And you're playing it safe and you're playing me close But you don't
Push & Pull 02:33
Arms Down We can talk it out I don't want to think about All this hem and haw and freeze and thaw So back down I won't wait you out I've wasted too much time And now you're telling me that that's not on your mind It's on mine So come down We can turn around This isn't the worst we've found This is back and forth and beg and plead If it's blood you want to see then baby get your guns out We can shoot it out But it's not about the past and patterns that drag us down We're running up on a runaround You come around and attack and attack And we run right back to the same stage Acting like we're the same age You had it right when you said "let's fight" When you set your sights so high But maybe you're not just faking your double-taking and all But what of your taste? What of your tone? What of the tall tall tales of the walls we scaled
Just So 03:24
So you think you know Why I crawled away and walked off the stage without you I kept my calm, and you got swept away But oh, you know, we can't stop the show It's not right, but this is all you know The lines you stole left the academy cold Reading out the words you wrote to me Acting out the things you want to be I'm calling it out: one sickening surprise (You couldn't direct it, you reckless child) I stumbled across the same crooked mile So go, get up, rested and restless Get dressed and go back to your home A harrowed start to your Saturday (Sleepy and sad to go) But oh, you know, it can't always be just so You're so sad but you're not so alone It gets so old, I'm callous and cold Working up the will to disagree Acting out the things you'll never be I'm calling it out: one sad surprise (You wanted to wreck it in record time) I followed you down the same crooked line But don't-- there's another act to go That's a part that I don't know It got stuck inside my throat It's a language that we wrote
Exposure 02:52
Set off - six weeks on the road Six changes of clothes and a chance at the front page Staying up sober and so composed Waking up aching, coffee and off we go This isn't living like nothing to lose Every song sounds like something to prove But I'm used to taking it out on my ribcage, on the floor Fighting off anger and apathy Beating it down then calling her up on a rampage And it's talk, talk, take me apart Raptures and reveries "Dear I'm defenseless - who would have guessed that's me?" She said "move me" and I was moved I never wanted to be so removed It's true - I've taken it out on myself
Under your breath Over the phone Out of your depth and the debts you owe The hand you hold could make foreign nations fold You're keeping it close If somebody holds you down, would you tell him all you know? You're free to go Alighting alone Where do you go when you can't call home? Your friends are bold to have you curtseying on coals You write what you know, and rightly so You reach out across the room and the conversation slows Under your breath Over the phone I'm at my best and you're on your own The hand you hold couldn't salvage what was sold You're dressed for the throne But somebody stole your crown at the coronation show You won't let go Over and below the words you chose
What We Do 03:16
I didn't want to be ugly You held your heart out above me I'm trying hard to be healthy And I don't know why you would trust these Accidents and arguments And oh my god, my darling What have we done now? What do we do? If only I could make that heart stop beating You waited a long time to tell me You came off cautious and comely You held a hand out to help me But you had a sickness to sell me Oh no, why are you shaking? "It's so hard to break me" I hope this rest will be lasting But I don't know how to get past these Monuments and armaments And "oh my god, I'm sorry" What have we done now? What could I do to you? If only I could make that heart stop beating (I don't know why you would trust me)
Break your vows Come out, come out Correct and come unbound Calling over The back of your head And half of your bed And all of your cool and your clout You left our leaders in doubt We couldn't keep you out Get your rest and get your friends Collected and corralled Bawling over The books that you read And what wasn't said And what you were thinking aloud You're cutting me out Protect what makes you proud Developed and devout A face out of the crowd And it's something to talk about We couldn't keep it down So take your bows Get out, get out Courageous to your crowd Calling out for The back of your head And half of your bed And all of your dread and your doubt Let's just pretend we figured it out
C.B.T. 03:44
Set up! You shot me up! Shot bullets and bows Your make-up and clothes Possession and pose Prosaic and cold, I match your tone And it's a long way out of your home Your neck to my nose "I think we should go" I wouldn't say no Protracted and slow, I keep you close Safe till the day when I will you a way And you're willing to take what you're offered Pale at your post where you miss me the most And you're sorry and sad You could want something bad And it's on Get up! It's not enough The seconds we stole I'm losing my hold I'm choosing my role Backhanded and bold, I keep control And it's a long way back to "hello" "I thought you should know..." "We're playing a show..." "What if I don't go?" Heroic and honed, I walked you home Wrecked by a fall that you couldn't recall And you're wanted for all that you offer Making the most as a guest and a ghost And you're stifled and sad You forgot what you had And it's gone You can play your part so easily And I can make it smart so reasonably I can keep my guard so easily And take myself apart so reasonably I can keep my guard - so now you know Safe till the day when I will you a way And you're willing to take what you're offered Pale at your post where you miss me the most And you're sorry and sad You could want something bad And it's on Have you earned me now? Do you think that you're allowed? You could hurt me now (Safe till the day when you will me a way And I'm willing to take what you offer) We could see over and over the walls that we built (Sorry and sad, I could want something bad And I'm willing to take you along)
Get Down! 02:59
Gather 'round Listen close Here's an observation Set up like a sermon but said with uncertainty But that's a trap! That's a trope! That's a complication Call it "access has its virtues But so does obscurity" Out of breath And on call Out of allies and alcohol It's all the same when you're starving for sympathy But that's a jab! That's a joke That's a job description Call it "passion is a virtue But so is proficiency" But how to express under duress? I can't speak from where I'm supposed to be And recant rumors and rants starting "supposedly...." "Not your best" I know I just wanted to let it go And let on that this has occurred to me But I could snap! I can't cope I could call it off and call it "patience is a virtue But it's not maturity" So get down, get down! (I'm already down!) Get down, get down! (I don't wanna get down!) Get down, get down! I've confessed I propose we're ready to go
Wait a minute I'm fielding the failures of hindsight How to spin it? The feeling is wrong but it's coming out right So stand down! If you can't stand apart from your place You can't stand to part with your pace And slow down Admit it - you couldn't sit still How did I lose my voice? I suffered with every choice "Sound certain and make it up" But knowing is not enough When the road's so rough And it's been a long time coming home Maybe, lately I'm playing the part of the playwright Call me crazy I'm calling it art but it's heartless and trite So sit down! If you can't stand and argue your case You're back where you started so Make it stop You catch your breath and you let it drop For one sweet second But what do you do when the clock starts ticking? How did I lose my voice? I suffered with every choice "Sound certain and make it up" But "sorry" is not enough When you say that stuff And then you're off and running home, alone Forget it, you've made your own bed to sleep in So come on, cut me down from the fence I can't keep sitting out I need a little bit of time to figure out these events In present tenses!
Patronage 02:47
So long to the words we knew Accidents are all we have And the sound's so loud But you couldn't call it out And the difference is down to patronage But on the phone they were talking you down A conversation called "couldn't have you around" To take your time You're primitive, and I'm past my prime Say goodbye to the facts we thought we knew And the figures we found In the margins Of the pictures that we drew The picture is about patronage But on the phone they were talking you down A conversation called "couldn't have you around" To take your time You're primitive, I'm patient I paced it like so You're red and you're rote I come and I go, cold comfort I'm someone you know You're caught in your coat With nowhere to go No answers You're sallow
Murphy Bed 03:39
You were mine to defend You wanted the waiting to end I wanted to see you again You've seen this face before Death at the foot of the door Hungry at your hand I'm coming apart; you're becoming a part of my plan But slow down You shouldn't be so cold You've been hiding out And doing as you're told Doing as he tells you Telling him you're sold You shot me I'm not how you want me I wanted your body I wanted you on me You tempt and you taunt me You speak like it's copy At my command Would you tear him down and talk me up like your man I can't stand And I will crawl until you pick me up And take me in to hide As our commitments come untied You got me I'm right where you want me You're under my body You separate softly I want to be happy I want you to catch me You caught me I'm not how you want me I followed you falsely You felt it and fought me You collar me calmly I want to be sorry I want you to stop me


Our second full-length album, released by Absolutely Kosher Records.


released June 5, 2007

Matt LeMay - vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion; Joe Posner - bass, vocals; Jason Sigal - guitar, vocals; Raf Spielman - keyboards; Jeff Wood - drums, percussion, vocals. Produced by Jason Caddell and Get Him Eat Him. Engineered by Joel Hamilton, Marc Alan Goodman, Jason Caddell, Matt LeMay and Raf Spielman. Mixed by Chad Clark, Matt LeMay and TJ Lipple. Mastered by TJ Lipple.


all rights reserved



Get Him Eat Him Providence, Rhode Island

Five young men with passable small motor skills making big, confusing music. 2004-2009.

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