Challenges You to a Game of Basketball EP

by Get Him Eat Him



Our third tour EP, released to coincide with our summer 2006 tour. Download the entire EP and get a free bonus track -- a cover of Sebadoh's "The Freed Pig" that we recorded at keyboardist Raf Spielman's house in Portland halfway through our first tour.


released July 3, 2006

Matt LeMay - vocals, guitar; Joe Posner - bass, vocals; Jason Sigal - guitar, vocals; Raf Spielman - keyboards, vocals; Jeff Wood - drums, vocals. Recorded and mixed at home by Get Him Eat Him.




Get Him Eat Him Providence, Rhode Island

Five young men with passable small motor skills making big, confusing music. 2004-2009.

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Track Name: Get Down! (Demo)
Gather 'round
Listen close
Here's an observation
Set up like a sermon but said with uncertainty

But that's a trap!
That's a trope!
That's a complication
Call it "access has its virtues
But so does obscurity"

Out of breath
And on call
Out of allies and alcohol
It's all the same when you're starving for sympathy

But that's a jab!
That's a joke
That's a job description
Call it "passion is a virtue
But so is proficiency"

But how to express under duress?
I can't speak from where I'm supposed to be
And recant rumors and rants starting "supposedly...."

"Not your best"
I know
I just wanted to let it go
And let on that this has occurred to me

But I could snap!
I can't cope
I could call it off and call it "patience is a virtue
But it's not maturity

So get down, get down!
(I'm already down!)
Get down, get down!
(I don't wanna get down!)
Get down, get down!

I've confessed
I propose we're ready to go
Track Name: Present Tenses (Demo)
Wait a minute
I'm fielding the failures of hindsight
How to spin it?
The feeling is wrong but it's coming out right

So stand down!
If you can't stand apart from your place
You can't stand to part with your pace
And slow down
Admit it - you couldn't sit still

How did I lose my voice?
I suffered with every choice
"Sound certain and make it up"
But knowing is not enough
When the road's so rough
And it's been a long time coming home

Maybe, lately
I'm playing the part of the playwright
Call me crazy
I'm calling it art but it's heartless and trite

So sit down!
If you can't stand and argue your case
You're back where you started so
Make it stop
You catch your breath and you let it drop
For one sweet second
But what do you do when the clock starts ticking?

How did I lose my voice?
I suffered with every choice
"Sound certain and make it up"
But "sorry" is not enough
When you say that stuff
And then you're off and running home, alone
Forget it, you've made your own bed to sleep in

So come on, cut me down from the fence
I can't keep sitting out
I need a little bit of time to figure out these events
In present tenses!
Track Name: Murphy Bed (Demo)
You were mine to defend
You wanted the waiting to end
I wanted to see you again

You've seen this face before
Death at the foot of the door
Hungry at your hand
I'm coming apart; you're becoming a part of my plan

But slow down
You shouldn't be so cold
You've been hiding out
And doing as you're told
Doing as he tells you
Telling him you're sold

You shot me
I'm not how you want me
I wanted your body
I wanted you on me
You tempt and you taunt me
You speak like it's copy

At my command
Would you tear him down and talk me up like your man
I can't stand
And I will crawl until you pick me up
And take me in to hide
As our commitments come untied

You got me
I'm right where you want me
You're under my body
You separate softly
I want to be happy
I want you to catch me

You caught me
I'm not how you want me
I followed you falsely
You felt it and fought me
You collar me calmly
I want to be sorry
I want you to stop me