Geography Cones

by Get Him Eat Him



released July 26, 2005

Matt LeMay - vocals, guitar; Joe Posner - bass, vocals; Jason Sigal - guitar, vocals; Raf Spielman - keyboards; Jeff Wood - drums, percussion, vocals. Recorded and mixed by Jay Pellicci at Tiny Telephone. Mastered by John Golden.


all rights reserved



Get Him Eat Him Providence, Rhode Island

Five young men with passable small motor skills making big, confusing music. 2004-2009.

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Track Name: The Celebration
Raise a toast
Two brightly colored envelopes
A way to show
What you've been saying since you said hello

He knows
He's waiting to go
To the room where he took off your clothes
You won't let it go

When your mother walked in on a sad display
She saw him hard over you and she walked away

You won't put it down
She's reading the letter she left you aloud
Ready to face the faceless crowd
Swallow your fingers and furro
Track Name: One Word
Take me home
There's no one I know
Suffered to stay low
Haircuts and halos

Set apart and spent
Take a hand fit to shake
A cigarette break
A minor mistake

Tonight was a neon sign with the last letter missing
A neighborhood (tied to / done in by) one word
An all-night diner closed at a quarter to twelve
A cat call called out of a cash hotel
Cut loose, and set up for a sinking spell
Six miles sick with a city smell
It died tonight

Shaking oh no
I set up the show
I set my sights low
Texas and talk shows
Better off in bed
Make a silent spit take
A fidgety fake
I'm lying awake
Track Name: Pardon My French
Cut up and called away
Cacaphonously played
You wound me up
I said I would never be your apologist
I'm sorry but I've got something to say
I'm just a bit frustrated

I know you're smart
You know your part
But you don't know what to say
I watched you part
Then I got hard
And couldn't stand up straight

And tomorrow I'll be longing
But today belongs to me
And this settlement is so unsettling

But I can't get sentimental over you

A subtle double-play
You play me for a fool
And you play dead
I said I would never say anything
It's alright
I've got nothing to say
I've waited and I've waited

And I said it
I said what you wouldn't say you knew that I would say
When I hear my train a'coming
I'm gonna tie you to the tracks
I can't wait
Track Name: Not Not Nervous
My feet were fumbling
And I couldn't step in time
And the time was moving so slow

I was outside of what I saw
I was on the right side of the law
I was lost inside a show
I lost the right to let this

Go away you'll never know the way
To overcome your flawless face
And (outgrow your gawkish grace / forget these final days)

But I'm not not nervous now

I was stumbling
And I had no sense of time
But I was so intent on something
You were so unkind
You were off-hand fit and refined
You were fine
You were finally okay
I finally got my chance
Track Name: Mumble Mumble
One more cup of coffee
I'm cutting out faster
I'm walking in circles
Watch the surface tension rise
Far past a quarter to five
Five minutes now and I'm a mess
A second guess, unsympathetic, stressed, obsessed
And dressed up all wrong

Nothing to say
Not my time of day
Maybe it's a sign -- you're mine
You froze, that's fine
I wonder

Mumble mumble, my confidence just crumbles
When sickness speaks and sweetness is secondary
Mumble mumble, sniffle and stumble
And find that I was humbled long ago

Atrophied and aching, my limbs are misaligned
Limping and maligned, it's fine, I fumbled

One more cut you caught me, I'm walking away
It's much too late
For one more cup of coffee, I'm cutting out faster
I'm talking in circles
Cut a circle around my spine
Six centimeters wide
Wide open now and I'm a mess
A second guess, sycophantic, stressed, obsessed
And pressing onward
Track Name: Separate States
Prick my ears up
It's predatory and profound
Caught in a college town
Burnt out and battened down
I swallow scents, I follow sounds
I stay awake and sit around
Lazy and lewd, a listless lout
I'm out of luck, I've been called out
I've been called worse before

We wasted hours with secret sours
(Waking up with the lights turned on
Waiting up after everyone else is gone)
Sour and so low

But we exist in separate states
When I can't speak and you can't wait
To go on

Still hung up on the shit that got me at thirteen
You set a perfect scene
Coffee with cubes and cream
I'm so upset, I'm so obscene
I cut you out of my routine
Get out of bed at half past three
Some sense of dread, some sympathy
I've seen it worse before

Tripping over the coattails you coaxed away
Ran out of things to say
Stayed up for sixteen days
A hundred hands, a dozen takes
Too dull to piece together
When we exist in separate states
I can't speak and you can't wait
To take me down and stack the stakes
To turn me out until the taste is gone
To go on using the word
The word you use for me

You found hunger in the thickening wonder
There are half as many homes to stay
I made a map and called it "A Case of You"
You can't cover what you're already under
I'm gone
Track Name: Shirt Like a Couch
Now it's 10am and I'm startling slow
I've got a shirt like a couch, belt unbuckled below
It's an awful fit and it's all for show
And it's framing a face you'll see for the first time

Now it's 2pm and I'm ready to go
I've got my face face-down feeling gravity grow
I've got six set of sneakers set out in a row
Or I'm out the door and onto the punchline

And I forget just what it is I was hoping for
I forget that I know
That I've never even heard you speak
And all my words just jump and squeak
With this awkwardness

But I thought that was just a line
"I'm concerned and you're consigned"
I thought you were someone else
I thought this shirt was pretty fucking swell
Track Name: Posture
September shook the streets and left a sedimented sky
And a countenance that accounted for a crime

Summer left me sweet, unfit for such a sad surprise
Summer left you supple and supine

I was poised, can't you tell?
Pursuit doesn't suit me well
I'm sick with this sickly smell
And these truths will only serve
To sell to someone, to tell to someone else

But you don't know if my eyes are green or blue
And I guess it all depends on point of view

Cinders soaked the streets and left them empty and enshrined
Cross it off of calendar time

I set it up!
Track Name: Metal Splinters
Numb above the waist
Come apart and call courageously
But that gives me a headache
That give me the shakes
Tapping on the table where we were base
After you go
You leave me with metal splinters in my fingers

But that's not copacetic
That's a mistake
Colored in for conversation's sake
Track Name: Early Scarlet Globes
Saying sooth with a crooked tooth
Turn a crooked time of day
Taken in with a nervous grin
And oxygen
And androgens
And mouths that buckle and break

Soft side, leaning away at your knees
Eyes cast downward by seven degrees
Untamed by the meal that you made
And the minutes that make up the day

Full speed ahead
At the foot of your bed
There are feet that are longing for fingers instead

"Makes sense," you said
With your hands on my head
These are hands that are longing to bristle and bend

And go to sleep with the words that you keep
At half past ten
With pathogens
And paths that take you away

Outside, roadways are ready to freeze
Ice kept colder by several degrees
Unnamed, will it still sound the same
In the movements that make up your day

Count it off
Happy new year