"Kinda Dorky"

by Get Him Eat Him



This is an odds-and-sods collection of demos, rarities, alternate versions, a cover and a compilation track. It is presented in reverse chronological order.


released January 1, 2009

Matt LeMay - vocals, guitar, keyboards; Joe Posner - bass, vocals; Jason Sigal - guitar, vocals; Raf Spielman - keyboards; Kevin Sparks - guitar; Jeff Wood - drums, percussion, vocals.




Get Him Eat Him Providence, Rhode Island

Five young men with passable small motor skills making big, confusing music. 2004-2009.

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Track Name: Catalysts
Come on out of the woods now
We've overcome the overreactions and sordid distractions
When you close your eyes, you picture us in places
How far can you take this?
Erase it
You don't want to know where you are

Can't you see we don't stand a chance
Unless we ask the question we don't want to answer
Did we take our time?
Or are we barreling towards a disaster?

"I wanna go faster!"

If we don't concede it's just a matter of time
Before even our best intentions fall behind
These tests and escalations we crawl inside
And follow in turn 'till there's nowhere left to go

Can't you see we don't stand a chance
Unless we ask the question we're too scared to answer
Did we take our time?
Or are we barreling towards a disaster?

Can't you see, we both chose to chance it
On a big idea and outpaced advances
Can we make it right?
Or are we stuck here with more than we asked for?
Track Name: Blinders (Acoustic Demo)
None of your friends are at your show
The lights have gone on and they’ve gone home
It's over, you know....
There’s no one to hold you down
And keep you in the throes

It’s not your fault
You’re not the only one who’s left out in the cold
Where nobody knows, and no one gets home
No one gets home alive

And after a while, you get so stick of waiting
You stay and you smile
But you can't shake the hope that you won't have to go it alone
With no one

But how will you survive
Another night at home taking shots at yourself and your kind
And all the time you wait and see and skip like a record
You’re old enough to be strong
But you want to belong to somebody’s eyes

It gets better – get back, you’re on your own
You won’t listen to anyone who says
“You don’t want someone to go where you won’t”

And after a while you get so sentimental
You’re so sentimental
You’re waiting for someone to call
Nobody’s home

And when the word comes down
You feel like you’ve heard it before
You’ve been sad since you started to get what you want
And it’s not what you want anymore

The last sight of the light behind your eyes
Track Name: Utility (Snowghost Session)
Cold hands come through the middle to wake me up
But I’m not asleep at all
You’re under my nose, and out of your clothes
But you’re not so exposed
And I’m not selling something that you don’t know
I’m nobody’s fool, I play by the rules
So don’t you play it cool

Take back the time that you take it away
Take back the time that you said:
“How’d you get so easy to please?”
You count back from ten and tend to your needs
So take me on, girl, it’s easy to see
That I’ve got what you need

So cold hands cut through the middle
I’m waking up
I’m sorry but I won’t say “no, no, no
I know what you do”
And what if it’s true?

But what if I missed that perfect move (sentimental)
And your hand falling on my leg (accidental)
And I have to take it slow, slow….

When did I become such a sleaze?
You get back to town, and down on your knees
You keep getting colder, you give me the freeze
I want you to see
That after all, I’m someone to believe

Take back the time that you take it away
Get back and give back your best time
Track Name: The Coronation Show (Wrens Haus Version)
Under your breath
Over the phone
Out of your depth and the debts you owe
The hand you hold could make foreign nations fold

You're keeping it close
If somebody holds you down, would you tell him all you know?
You're free to go

Alighting alone
Where do you go when you can't call home?
Your friends are bold to have you curtseying on coals

You write what you know, and rightly so
You reach out across the room and the conversation slows

Under your breath
Over the phone
I'm at my best and you're on your own
The hand you hold couldn't salvage what was sold

You're dressed for the throne
But somebody stole your crown at the coronation show
You won't let go
Over and below the words you chose
Track Name: C.B.T. (Different Mix)
Set up! You shot me up!
Shot bullets and bows
Your make-up and clothes
Possession and pose
Prosaic and cold, I match your tone

And it's a long way out of your home
Your neck to my nose
"I think we should go"
I wouldn't say no
Protracted and slow, I keep you close

Safe till the day when I will you a way
And you're willing to take what you're offered
Pale at your post where you miss me the most
And you're sorry and sad
You could want something bad
And it's on

Get up! It's not enough
The seconds we stole
I'm losing my hold
I'm choosing my role
Backhanded and bold, I keep control

And it's a long way back to "hello"
"I thought you should know..."
"We're playing a show..."
"What if I don't go?"
Heroic and honed, I walked you home

Wrecked by a fall that you couldn't recall
And you're wanted for all that you offer
Making the most as a guest and a ghost
And you're stifled and sad
You forgot what you had
And it's gone

You can play your part so easily
And I can make it smart so reasonably
I can keep my guard so easily
And take myself apart so reasonably
I can keep my guard - so now you know

Safe till the day when I will you a way
And you're willing to take what you're offered
Pale at your post where you miss me the most
And you're sorry and sad
You could want something bad
And it's on

Have you earned me now?
Do you think that you're allowed?
You could hurt me now
(Safe till the day when you will me a way
And I'm willing to take what you offer)
We could see over and over the walls that we built
(Sorry and sad, I could want something bad
And I'm willing to take you along)
Track Name: Exposure (Different Mix)
Set off - six weeks on the road
Six changes of clothes and a chance at the front page
Staying up sober and so composed
Waking up aching, coffee and off we go

This isn't living like nothing to lose
Every song sounds like something to prove
But I'm used to taking it out on my ribcage, on the floor

Fighting off anger and apathy
Beating it down and calling her up on a rampage
And it's talk, talk, take me apart
Raptures and reveries
"Dear I'm defenseless - who would have guessed that's me?"

She said "move me" and I was moved
I never wanted to be so removed
It's true - I've taken it out on myself
Track Name: Metal Splinters (Demo)
Numb above the waist
Talk about the way that we relate
But that gives me a headache
You know that gives me the shakes
How could I have deigned to be so base?

And after you go
You leave me with metal splinters in my fingers

But that's not copacetic
That's a mistake
Colored in for conversation's sake
Track Name: The Celebration (Demo)
Raise a toast
Two brightly colored envelopes
A way to show
What you've been saying since you said hello

He knows
He's waiting to go
To the room where he took off your clothes
You won't let it go

When your mother walked in on a sad display
She saw him hard over you and she walked away

You won't put it down
She's reading the letter she left you aloud
Ready to face the faceless crowd
Swallow your fingers and furrow your brow
You couldn't wait to wait it out
Track Name: Early Scarlet Globes (Solo Demo)
Saying sooth with a crooked tooth
Turn a crooked time of day
Taken in with a nervous grin
And oxygen
And androgens
And mouths that buckle and break

Soft side, leaning away at your knees
Eyes cast downward by seven degrees
Untamed by the meal that you made
And the minutes that make up the day

Full speed ahead
At the foot of your bed
There are feet that are longing for fingers instead

"Makes sense," you said
With your hands on my head
These are hands that are longing to bristle and bend

And go to sleep with the words that you keep
At half past ten
With pathogens
And paths that take you away

Outside, roadways are ready to freeze
Ice kept colder by several degrees
Unnamed, will it still sound the same
In the movements that make up your day

Count it off
Happy new year